Your favorite beverage meets your requirements as an athlete. Refreshing beer taste with functional health benefits – 100% non-alcoholic.

Important vitamins and minerals for your well-being

Ideal for recovery after your active day

High quality plant-based protein for your muscle growth

Genuine beer taste with 100% natural ingredients and vegan BCAA

The optimal combination

hoppy flavors, super refreshing, isotonic hydration supports recovery, rich in vitamins B12 and C

Genuine beer flavor


Vegan protein & BCAA

Patented yeast

Brewed in Germany

At our heart, we love beer. But we also love living an active healthy life at its fullest. These contradicting passions lead to our worldwide unique idea: exceptionally tasty non-alcoholic brews with functional health benefits. A daunting task – but with dedication and love for our vision, we made it!

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